Command Papers

Year Number Title
2019 Cm. 15 Joint visits to Africa ยท Egypt, South Sudan and Rwanda
2019 Cm. 14 Department for Transport "No Deal" Brexit Preparations
2019 Cm. 13 Briefing Paper on UK Emergency Powers
2019 Cm. 12 HM Treasury Plan for a "No Deal" Brexit
2018 Cm. 11 Transport for the 21st Century
2018 Cm. 10 First Report of the Royal Commission on Welfare Devolution
2018 Cm. 9 The Future Relationship Between the United Kingdom and the European Union
2018 Cm. 8 Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict
2018 Cm. 7 Ending Piracy in the Indian Ocean
2018 Cm. 6 Brexit Strategy for 2018 and Beyond
2017 Cm. 3 Adult Education: Achieving a System That Works for Everyone
2017 Cm. 2 Libya: A New Approach
2017 Cm. 1 Tackling Harmful and Extreme Content Online